Feb. 10, 1964
Feb. 10, 1964

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Feb. 10, 1964

Wally's Cue
Fireball Roberts
Best Girl
  • By Gwilym S. Brown

    Arnie, Jack and Julie are around, yet in five weeks they have failed to win. The titles have gone instead to the likes of youthful Tommy, tiny Chi Chi and aging Art—and there are reasons why

  • By Morton Sharnik

    Ominous in the background, Sonny Liston glowers down on a quartet of fighters who, when they met him, were not intimidated in the least. Here, from the left, are Marty Marshall, Burt Whitehurst, Eddie Machen and Jim McCarter. They tell how they stood up to the heavyweight champion and how he can be beaten

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Red Blades and Fast French Skis
Russians on skates and French skiers dominated the first week at Innsbruck

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26 Wally's Cue: "Sidney! Sidney!"
With secret signals that bewilder opponents, Wally Jones has led Villanova to No. 1 ranking in the East

31 A Cool Fireball Named Roberts
Steadiest of big-time stock car racers, Fireball Roberts straddles the poverty and profit of a very tough sport

40 Best Girl in the Dog Show
Anne Hone Rogers has fielded more top winners at the Westminster than any other woman—and most men

52 With Needle and Thread
Ted Hood is not only one of the best sailing skippers around but also a top hand with a sewing machine

56 A Young Druggist's Sure Rx
He is Bill Crothers, Canada's ace half-miler, who dispenses medicines and defeats with equal aplomb

60 The Four Who Baffled Liston
A quartet of fighters brave enough to stand up to the heavyweight champion tells how he can be beaten

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8 Scorecard
46 People
48 Golf
52 Boating
56 Track
69 Basketball's Week
70 For the Record
71 19th Hole

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Next week

Charles Goren's New Approach to Bridge begins with an order: "Throw out the fads and gimmicks." In a five-part series Goren tells how to win more often by having more fun.

An unhappy bus driver, William MacDonald, gave it up to become a multimillionaire who invests his energies in fight promotions, baseball teams, racetracks, yachting and golf.

Aussie Dawn Fraser remains the best girl swimmer in the world at 26, an age when all of her contemporaries have long since retired. Whitney Tower tells how she does it.