The only color missing from the IX Olympic Winter Games was the blue-white blaze of snow. The people involved had never been more fancifully arrayed. Striding into Bergisel Stadium for the opening ceremonies, the Russians were czaristic in golden sealskin coats, while the Argentines, in eye-catching ponchos, were gaudy as a delegation to a folklore congress. But for sheer opulence it was the spectators' show, as these fur-clad aristocrats demonstrate.

Luxuriating in leopard coat and babushka. Queen Farah Diba of Iran was the most ogled spectator at the opening ceremonies. Beside her, the hatless Shah was quietly tailored in a wool coat cut like a pea jacket. Next day they both switched to stretch pants for skiing.

Dazzling in matchless heirloom shearling coat (vintage 1929) and enormous furry mittens, Mrs. Gerhard Porsche attended Games with her husband, son of the German auto manufacturer Ferry Porsche. Young Porsche sported a lofty Austrian balaclava and sheepskin coat.