14 In and Out of a Jam
After a dismal beginning, proud American claims were justified in the Olympics' last ski race

22 Rough Race for Sam's Sake
Only three of 15 starters finished the event designed to honor the dead by clobbering the living

24 Surprise by the Baron
Kentucky's basketball coach is all urbanity now, but his Katzenjammer Kids are title contenders

26 Dawn Keeps Churning Along
Australia's Dawn Fraser, the greatest woman swimmer in history, is in training for her third Olympic Games

32 A New Approach to Bridge
Charles Goren distills the card-playing experiences of a lifetime into a winning formula. First of five parts

50 The Sting of the Lip
Cassius Clay sings of butterflies and bees, but he is all business as he builds the gate for the Liston bout

54 The Many Faces of Mr. Mac
Promoting the Liston-Clay fight is just one of the lesser sporting efforts of onetime bus driver Bill MacDonald

The departments

7 Scorecard
44 People
46 Boating
49 Golf
50 Boxing
52 Basketball's Week
65 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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Next week

A candid Clay tells in his own words how he engineered his "$1 million getaway," and, from Miami, Tex Maule previews Cassius' heavyweight title fight with Sonny Liston.

The carnival mood of indoor track is brilliantly expressed in a portfolio of drawings by Artist Jerome Martin, while Robert Creamer reports on the lively NYAC games.

The mighty Columbia is a familiar river in the U.S., but few know its erratic course through the Canadian wilderness. Robert Cantwell describes its "wild dashings."