March 02, 1964
March 02, 1964

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March 2, 1964

Yankee Trouble
Playmouth's Swoop


12 Trouble Sprouts for the Yankees
In the battle for New York's baseball fans the last-place Mets have the first-place Yanks running scared

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16 Out in the Sun Again
In seven pages of amusing drawings Artist Ronald Searle dwells on the lazy, kooky air of spring training

24 Meet the New Wilt Chamberlain
He is scoring far fewer points but playing better basketball, thanks to Warrior Coach Alex Hannum

26 Swoop of a Secret Weapon
Plymouth took the wraps off its hot new stock cars and upset lord in the Daytona 500

32 Goren's New Bridge Formula
Too many players neglect one of the game's best weapons, the double. Third of five installments

52 Sam Wins While Mac Sues
Snead, owning up to his 51 years, takes a seniors' title on a course that Millionaire John Mac Arthur can't give away

62 The Poet and the Boxer
The rare story of how one of the century's most renowned poets, Jean Cocteau, managed a fighter to a world title

The departments

7 Scorecard
51 People
52 Golf
57 Tennis
60 Boating
74 For the Record
77 Basketball's Week
79 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Mark Kauffman

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Next week

First color pictures of the big fight accompany Tex Maule's account of what happened when Clay finally quit talking and climbed into a Miami Beach ring against Liston.

A one-two punch that stuns professional basketball opponents is the Los Angeles Lakers' combination of Jerry West and Elgin Baylor. That punch is vividly photographed.

Derby time approaches—the Santa Anita, the Florida, then the Kentucky. In his report from Santa Anita, Whitney Tower assesses all the good 3-year-olds in Florida as well.