16 Driven Beyond Dignity
A Western newsman reports the chilling inside story of Japan's world champion girls' volleyball team

20 A Large Field of Unfavorites
The four teams that make the semifinals of the NCAA basketball tournament will be battle-scarred

24 This Pitcher May Need Relief
Jim Brosnan tells the story of his release by the White Sox, who don't care for writing pitchers

30 Howe: the Why of the Red Wings
Off the ice, Detroit's top hockey player is just another shy athlete; on it he is an entire team

40 When the Shad Come Home
Their spring spawning run up coastal rivers provides good sport and good food for the fisherman

52 Goren's New Bridge Formula
There is more to winning table tactics than just playing the cards well. Last of five installments

68 If O'Hara Really Tries...
If Chicago the world's fastest indoor miler shows he will be even better once he gains confidence

70 Meet the Mad Livingstons
They may not get any glory out of America's Cup racing, but they are sure to have some fun

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63 People
64 Golf
66 Boxing
68 Track
83 For the Record
84 Basketball's Week
86 19th Hole

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