March 16, 1964
March 16, 1964

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March 16, 1964

A Large Field
  • With no superteam dominating the entries in the National Collegiate basketball tournament, the four that fight their way to the semifinal round this week will come through scarred and battle-weary. Here, on their records and potential, are those likeliest to be alive when the show moves on to Kansas City

  • Never popular with club owners because he lifted baseball's flannel curtain in his irreverent books (The Long Season and Pennant Race, both bestsellers) and in his magazine articles, Pitcher-Author Jim Brosnan passed from the Chicago Cubs to the St. Louis Cardinals to the Cincinnati Reds and, quite early last season, to the Chicago White Sox. This winter, at the age of 34—which is late middle age as ballplayers go—Brosnan seemed near the end of the major league trail. What follows here is his own account, sometimes funny and sometimes bitter, of his contract negotiations with the White Sox—negotiations that have left Brosnan, temporarily at least, unemployed.

Gordie Howe
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Joseph Consentino
18, 19—T. Tanuma
21—Rich Clarkson
22—Rich Clarkson (2), AP
23—bottom, Walter Iooss Jr.
25—Lee Balterman
31—Tony Triolo
32—Len. Hillyard
63—BYU Photo
66—T. Tanuma
69—Lee Balterman
71—Coles Phinizy
72—Colin Jones
83—Bob Hannan-St. Petersburg Times, Lance Kincaid
84—Byron E. Schumaker

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