March 23, 1964
March 23, 1964

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March 23, 1964

Michigan's Hopes
Johnny Rotz
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Baseball Is Played All Wrong
Scientist Earnshaw Cook demolishes some of baseball's theories in a monumental study

This is an article from the March 23, 1964 issue

18 Michigan's Hopes Hang by an Ankle
A star's injured foot is a key factor as Michigan, Duke, UCLA and Kansas State meet in the basketball finals

22 Going, Going, Gone!
The pole vaulter's lot has become pretty soft. Here one disappears into a pit of man-eating foam plastic

24 A Touch of Gold in the Saddle
Brilliant Jockey Johnny Rotz, a big winner last year, is off and riding for the top again

40 The Remarkable Honeycomb House
An expandable playhouse for all terrains and all seasons is presented by the inventor of the A frame

48 Specialist in Agony and Laughter
Indiana Coach James Counsilman keeps his swimmers at the top with a steady diet of horseplay and hard work

58 They Couldn't Beat Wimpy
Neither sinus nor his tuxedo kept Luther Lassiter from successfully defending his world pool title

62 Survival Training for a Rookie
Pro golf is a world apart, and Tony Lema tells why in Part I of his own unique book on tour life

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8 Scorecard
46 People
48 Swimming
56 Golf
58 Pool
73 For the Record
74 Basketball's Week
75 19th Hole

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Next week

Basketball's finale will come Saturday night in Kansas City, when a new college champion will be enthroned. John Underwood reports the climactic scene of an exciting year.

A lion stalks through Jack Dreyfus' TV commercials, but Dreyfus himself stalks other game. Joe David Brown tells how he acquired one of racing's most surprising horses.

Spring in Florida is long and lush. Few have probed as deeply into its mysteries as Photographer Shelly Grossman. Some of his findings are shown in a color picture essay.