24 Taking Stock of Sonny
Senators hear startling testimony of how the ex-champ favors some folk who should have been ex-friends

28 Two Guys Named Joe Jolt Ithaca
Even though they had to travel all the way to Cornell to do it, Oklahomans once again dominated NCAA wrestling

The Masters

30 A surprising assessment of the course by Jack Nicklaus
34 A man who knows tells why a win can be worth a million
40 An artist looks at the people who look at the golfers
45 Tony Lema contrasts the Masters with the U.S. Open

70 Dingy Haunt of Champions
At Miami Beach's Fifth Street Gym, Mrs. Hattie Ambusch mothers and manages some of the best boxers around

94 Augusta: a Spoof of a Spa
Thousands come happily to see the Masters, and leave with bemused tales of sheetless beds and lumps in the water

The departments

16 Scorecard
80 People
84 Baseball
86 Nature
90 Cards
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

Acknowledgments on page 111

Cover photograph by Jay Maisel


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