Out on Their Own

April 13, 1964
April 13, 1964

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April 13, 1964

Golfing Cowboy
The Dancer
  • By Tom C. Brody

    In this Olympic sport the U.S. has shown that you can, and the 1964 Tokyo squad will continue that winning tradition. There seems to be a natural, happy affinity between the American boy and the basketball

Motor Sports
Johnny Keane
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

Out on Their Own

Stretched out in mid-air are David Wheeler (high) and Arthur Poulton (low), who seconds before had been racing the upturned motorcycle barely visible at right in Leicestershire, England. Roaring into a bend known as Devil's Elbow, they lost control and slammed into the guardrail. As the riders hurtled forward, another team—its sideman leaning almost to the track surface—swerved to avoid them. The maneuver succeeded, and Wheeler and Poulton survived.

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