April 27, 1964
April 27, 1964

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April 27, 1964

A Happy Willie
White Stallions
'I'm The Worst'
Horse Racing
The Smokehole
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Happy Start for a Happy New Willie
Free of some old problems, Willie Mays hit home runs all through the first week of the season

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28 The Tyranny of the Little Men
Scrambling for the best Derby mounts, our top riders prove that racing is now a jockeys' game

30 Flight of a White Stallion
The famous Lipizzans perform brilliantly at the opening of an unprecedented American tour

38 Let Me Help Your Game (Part I)
Claude Harmon, a Masters champion and renowned golf teacher, says you should hit curves, and shows how

48 Color of the Cup Final
No sports event moves the English more than the soccer final. In color: the day for royalty and commoners

54 'I'm the Worst That's Ever Been'
So claims young Milt Pappas, who has learned to control most of his pitches—but just some of his brashness

76 Exaltation at the Smokehole
In a lovely West Virginia gorge, two men in a canoe grow careless and come perilously close to nature

The departments

14 Scorecard
64 People
66 Horse Racing
72 Rowing
89 For the Record
91 19th Hole

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