Preview: The Kentucky Derby

26 Whitney Tower analyzes an unusually open race
29 Color photographs trace the careers of top contenders
33 Alfred Wright portrays Argentine Trainer Horatio Luro

36 They Came Out in Gale Force
Discus Thrower Al Oerter won in a breeze as the outdoor track season got under way in earnest on a gusty weekend

40 Baseball's Running Game Is Back
Players are scampering around the bases like crazy, using speed tactics to win close games

42 Everyone for Backgammon
Socialites and their friends gather on Grand Bahama Island to play and watch their favorite game

50 Out From Under a Rock
The crawling animals that live under stones can be as interesting to the layman as they are to the naturalist

70 Let Me Help Your Game (Part II)
Claude Harmon concludes his instructional series with some big pointers on the little shots that mean the most

96 The Transistor Kid
In Los Angeles even the baseball fans inside the ball park listen to Vin Scully, the Dodgers' popular broadcaster

The departments

16 Scorecard
78 People
81 Pro Basketball
89 Hockey
111 Baseball's Week
112 For the Record
114 19th Hole

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Cover painting by Donald Moss


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