May 11, 1964
May 11, 1964

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May 11, 1964

Droll Scandal
The Poor Boy Open
Al Kaline
Chop And Loop Champ
Motor Sports
The Life I Lead
  • A professional golfer's existence is the most complex and improbable of any athlete's, his victories and defeats coming amid an unceasing swirl of activities that are at once both mad and meaningful. Recently Tony Lema wrote a candid story about the climb toward the top in golf. Now, at the request of Sports Illustrated, Jack Nicklaus has kept a three-month journal that warmly illuminates a far different facet of the tour: the unique life of the superchamp

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 The Dancer Dazzles Old Kentucky
Leading a parade of non-Bluegrass-bred colts, Canada's Northern Dancer won the Derby in record time

This is an article from the May 11, 1964 issue

28 No Losers at the Poor Boy Open
Waco Turner, a millionaire who rules like a feudal baron conducts his annual and unusual tournament for losers

32 The Torments of Excellence
Detroit's Al Kaline is expected to win the batting title every year—because he won it when he was just 20

44 The Monaco Grand Prix
In eight pages of paintings Artist Al Parker depicts the glories of a premier automobile race

54 Champ of the Chop and Loop
The new national table tennis champion is Erwin Klein. He has mastered the strokes of a fast and tricky game

72 Dogs, Psychiatry and Votes
U.S. dogs, sane or otherwise, are more important than many people think—including President Johnson

80 The Life I Lead
A journal kept for three months by Jack Nicklaus affords a rare look at a golf superchampion. Part I of a series

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14 Scorecard
62 People
65 Motor Sports
70 Bridge
72 Dogs
93 Baseball's Week
94 For the Record
95 19th Hole

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