May 11, 1964
May 11, 1964

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May 11, 1964

Droll Scandal
The Poor Boy Open
Al Kaline
Chop And Loop Champ
Motor Sports
The Life I Lead
  • A professional golfer's existence is the most complex and improbable of any athlete's, his victories and defeats coming amid an unceasing swirl of activities that are at once both mad and meaningful. Recently Tony Lema wrote a candid story about the climb toward the top in golf. Now, at the request of Sports Illustrated, Jack Nicklaus has kept a three-month journal that warmly illuminates a far different facet of the tour: the unique life of the superchamp

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Frank Zagarino
22, 23—Jerry Cooke
24, 25—Bud Kamenish, Herb Scharfman
27—Jerry Cooke
28-31—Shel Hershorn-Black Star
32, 35—Lee Balterman
62—Epoque, Ltd.
80, 81—illustration by Michael Ramus
94—Gerard Studios, Seattle Times, William Allen-Dallas Times Herald
95—Agnew Fisher

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