May 18, 1964
May 18, 1964

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May 18, 1964

Home Run Heaven
Fastest Man Alive
Sporting Look
  • Surfing has developed a cult with a language of its own, fashions of its own, a dance of its own. On these pages five top California surfers wear current favorites in competition trunks. Following are more surfer styles that jumped to California from Hawaii and are now being adopted by surf-struck youngsters around the world

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Home Run Heaven
Last week it was the Twins' Met Stadium in Blooming-ton, Minn., where the sluggers are slugging like crazy

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26 How Fast is the Fastest Man?
As always, Bob Hayes ran all wrong at Atlanta, but he proved exactly how fast our greatest sprinter can run

30 A Mighty Desirable Fellow
He is Joey Giardello, the best of the middleweights, who has a Dead End background and a Little League son

44 Even a Winner Can Cripple In
Jack Nicklaus, in Part II of his journal, describes an uneasy victory and how a champ hides in a laundromat

60 Surfers on Land and Sea
The Hawaiian sport is sweeping the world, and not just the water. Herewith people, places and clothes in color

67 A Heaping Cupful of Twelves
Carleton Mitchell reports on the progress of U.S. plans for defending the America's Cup

90 When Knighthood's Flower Wilted
A Queen of Beauty, lords aplenty and 100,000 spectators saw jousting's revival drown in a deluge

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14 Scorecard
60 Sporting Look
76 People
78 Bridge
81 Golf
109 Baseball's Week
110 For the Record
111 19th Hole

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Next week

Big Frank Howard is the ultimate weapon of the World Champion Dodgers. Can lie provide enough power to offset their other problems? An appraisal by William Leggett.

The Preakness field will include all of the first five finishers in the Kentucky Derby. The focus of interest, however, must be the rematch between Northern Dancer and Hill Rise.

A Tranquil tour of Europe's famous spas is made by British Novelist and Essayist Alec Waugh, who discovers a new emphasis on sports amid traditional Old World cures.