May 25, 1964
May 25, 1964

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May 25, 1964

Shuffleboard Queen
Triple Crown
Track & Field
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26 Three for the Triple Crown
A superb team of owner, trainer and rider won the Preakness with Northern Dancer and aims for the Belmont

This is an article from the May 25, 1964 issue

30 An Easy Row on the Road to Japan
A crew as well oiled and precisely machined as a Rolls-Royce starts its trip to Tokyo on a Massachusetts lake

32 Fast Fords and a Great Scot
Top qualifiers for Indianapolis, Ford-engined cars become the favorites. A Scotsman drove fastest of all

36 A Place That Rocky Knows
Guide Rocky Weinstein knows well the labyrinthine ways of Florida's Ten Thousand Islands, home of the snook

52 Being Second Gets a Man Down
In Part III of his journal, Jack Nicklaus becomes an oyster-eating Irishman and an annoyed runner-up

66 The Dodgers' Troubled Giant
Erratic slugger Frank Howard must come through if the Dodgers hope to win another pennant

88 Goo, Golf and Games
A famous British writer tours Europe's spas and finds there is more to their cures than mud and water

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74 People
76 Golf
78 Bridge
84 Track & Field
109 Baseball's Week
110 For the Record
111 19th Hole

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Next week

Top racing driver A. J. Foyt now turns from sports cars back to big roadsters in the hope of repeating his 1961 "500" victory. Bob Ottum probes a pungent personality.

A forgotten American, Marathon Runner Buddy Edelen, has English ways but, win or lose this time in Yonkers, he is America's finest long-distance prospect in 56 years.

Our Olympic boxers have given the U.S. several pro stars. Now a new crop vies for places on the 1964 team. Robert H. Boyle focuses on the likeliest winners in Japan—and after.