June 01, 1964
June 01, 1964

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June 1, 1964

Too Much Talk
Muhammad Ali
Fat Buster
Buddy Edelen


20 Muhammad Ali in Africa
On a triumphal tour of Ghana, the heavyweight champion makes friends but is beaten by a sword

This is an article from the June 1, 1964 issue

26 At the Fair with Fat Buster
Buster Mathis is bigger and more flamboyant than Cassius, and he should win the heavyweight title at the Olympics

32 Over, Under and Over Again
Caught in a storm at sea, the yawl Doubloon did a complete barrel roll and came up for more. Or did she?

34 Speed in Bright Repose
The color camera probes among the countless vivid fragments of which the Indianapolis "500" is made

40 Straight Man in a Twisty Race
He is Buddy Edelen, a Yank from England who runs the marathon faster than anyone before him

46 So I Put a Coat on Arnie
Jack Nicklaus concludes his journal with an intimate account of his second-place finish at the Masters

78 Driver in a Tight Corner
Champion of the big-car men and a fiery intruder in road racing, A. J. Foyt faces a great challenge at Indy

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14 Scorecard
63 People
64 Track
69 Baseball
76 Bridge
93 Baseball's Week
94 For the Record
95 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Mark Kauffman


Next week

As northern dancer prepares for the last of the Triple Crown races, we salute the flourishing sport of racing in a 40-page section of special articles and color photographs.

The Indianapolis "500" pits old designs against modern ones: Offenhauser roadsters against rear-engine cars that have opened a new era. Bob Ottum reports the No. 1 auto race.

When Hogan and Snead, aging foes who have not played a head-to-head match in 10 years, do so for a television show, the golf is spectacular and the conversation revealing.