June 15, 1964
June 15, 1964

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June 15, 1964

Tennis Events
Scrambled League
Emperor In Harness
Horse Shows
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 Scramble in the National League
Exciting pennant races have become a popular tradition in the NL, and this year's looks like one of the best

This is an article from the June 15, 1964 issue

28 Fast Crowd at the Tape
A passel of four-minute milers and two remarkable distance men hurled a challenge to the world at Compton

30 Taken for a Virginia Reel
Northern Dancer danced the Belmont's steps too slowly, and Virginia's Quadrangle shattered his Triple Crown

The U.S. Open: A Preview

32 A portfolio of paintings shows why it is so tough

38 Water and length mean trouble on this year's course

43 A famous poet asks an infamous question about golf on TV

78 How Congressional got ready—from dogs to perfume

44 Emperor in Harness
Parlaying a 100-horse stable with horse sense, a gentle dynamo named Billy Haughton wins $1 million a year

58 Grabbling for Mississippi Cats
In the spring, spawning Mississippi catfish gather in hollow logs, and Mississippians gather to grabble

The departments

14 Scorecard
57 People
58 Fishing
66 Bridge
69 Horse Shows
74 Boating
95 Baseball's Week
96 For the Record
97 19th Hole

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Next week

A winter champion, Tom O'Hara ran record miles indoors. Outdoors now, he is suffering the doubts of all gifted runners vying for the Olympics. A report by John Underwood.

The busiest body in tennis is that of Gladys Heldman, the energetic publisher and editor of World Tennis. Barbara La Fontaine visits her and some other title-holding Heldmans.

Bad maps and brave women helped get the U.S. started on one of its most popular sports—touring—some 50 years ago. Robert Cantwell tells a gritty tale of sand, gasoline and tears.