June 29, 1964
June 29, 1964

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June 29, 1964

'Poor Ken'
Sox Hex
Bottom Of The Sea
Motor Sports
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 "Poor Ken" Hits It Rich Again
Overcoming heat, exhaustion and a three-year slide toward oblivion, Ken Venturi produces a mighty upset in the Open

This is an article from the June 29, 1964 issue

20 The White Sox Hex That Failed
With a voodoo doll for luck, Chicago took on the Yankees and Orioles, and lost 10 out of 13 games

22 Settlers at the Bottom of the Sea
A handful of daring pioneers are exploring the possibilities of living in underwater houses

38 The Tricks of Match Racing
The master himself, Corny Shields, reveals a paradox of match-race sailing—get behind before the start

51 Fast Company for Ferrari
New Ford racing cars broke down at Le Mans but displayed the potential to overtake the conquering Ferraris

58 Old Hem Was a Sport
John Dos Passos reminisces about Ernest Hemingway as a neophyte fisherman, lover of guns and hater of sharks

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6 Scorecard
48 People
51 Motor Sports
69 Baseball's Week
70 For the Record
71 19th Hole

Cover photograph by James Drake

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Next week

Chasing a pennant in a typically tight National League race, Alvin Dark is harassed by rumors that he will not even finish the season as manager of the San Francisco Giants.

Olympic Tokyo will be magnificent—and frantic. Its architectural glories are shown in nine pages of color, while a map and a bushel of Travel Facts clarify a confusing city.

The high life of George Low, golf's best-known mystery man, is detailed by Dan Jenkins. A genius with a putter, Low also has mastered another art: living without working.