12 A Bold Proposal for U.S. Sport
Concerned at the loss of our athletic prestige abroad, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy offers a plan

16 Cliffhanger for Yogi
The Yankee boss endures the most important series of his managerial career

20 Big Draw in a Little State
The first legal U.S. lottery in 72 years will enrich New Hampshire and some lucky ticket-holders

22 By the Sea, by the Beautiful Sea
Not all the old and interesting things found along the sandy shore are washed up by the tide

31 If It Moves, They'll Bet on It
That key point in George Levy's plan to stage the races at night transformed trotting into a major sport

46 A Slight Blow for Extremism
The U.S. seems certain to wallop the Russians in their track and field meet in Los Angeles

58 The Monsters and Me
Pro football's magnificent little receiver, Tommy McDonald, begins his own arresting story

The departments

8 Scorecard
45 People
46 Track & Field
48 Golf
50 Boating
56 Bridge
66 Baseball's Week
68 For the Record
70 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Mark Kauffman

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