12 Three Arms Reach for Fame
This year's rookie quarterbacks bring high hopes and the fattest contracts ever to pro football

20 Stars Shine with Tokyo Gold
Chicago's trials prove there are enough good Star sailors to overflow into all the Olympic classes

22 "I Managed Good"
One of baseball's funniest men, Rocky Bridges, is now managing in the minors and still enjoying the game

31 Moments to Remember: 1954-1964
This is SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S 10th anniversary, and here is a pictorial sampler of a memorable decade

64 The Best Salmon Pool Anywhere
The Malangsfoss Pool on Norway's famous Maals River, long under lease, is now open to the public—at a price

68 At Last the Girls are Ours
U.S. track women, once ignored, are being hailed now as the country's very own. They have earned their praise

74 The Hudson River
From its origin in the mountains to its huge canyon in the ocean floor, the Hudson is an extraordinary stream

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7 Scorecard
63 People
64 Fishing
68 Track & Field
70 Motor Sports
72 Bridge
85 Baseball's Week
86 For the Record
87 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Shel Hershorn


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As pretty as sinn is one way to describe Marty Sinn, the best long-distance swimmer of her sex. Gilbert Rogin writes of her casual successes in an arduous and exhausting sport.