Aug. 17, 1964
Aug. 17, 1964

Table of Contents
Aug. 17, 1964

Letter To The Publisher
Three Arms
'I Managed Good'
Track & Field
Motor Sports
Hudson River
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Walter Daran, Tony Triolo
12, 13—Lee Balterman
14, 15—top, Rich Clarkson; bottom, Lee Balterman
17—Shel Hershorn-Black Star
19—Walter Iooss Jr.
24—Phil Bath
63—Mark Asher
64, 65—Tony Triolo
68—Evan Peskin, Ken Regan
69—Evan Peskin
70—Gerry Cranham
76-79—Wil Blanche
86—Lisbeth Miner, L. M. Ailor, Frank Moss, Thelner Hoover

This is an article from the Aug. 17, 1964 issue Original Layout


Mark Kauffman
Hy Peskin, N.Y. Daily News
Rich Clarkson, Hy Peskin
TelePrompTer-United Artists, John G. Zimmerman (4)
Pete Turner-Henrietta Brackman Associates
John G. Zimmerman
J. Frederick Smith, John G. Zimmerman
Marvin E. Newman
John G. Zimmerman
Herb Scharfman, John G. Zimmerman
Charles Trainor-Miami News