Aug. 24, 1964
Aug. 24, 1964

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Aug. 24, 1964

American League
Greasy Neale
Horse Racing
A Girl Named Sinn
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Big Sellout
The American League has bowed to show business, but the Yankees may disappoint their new owner

This is an article from the Aug. 24, 1964 issue

18 Sail Now, Sink Later
Now that Blackbeard and the Lafitte brothers are gone, the major menace at sea is the instant sailor

20 The Furious Fun of Pinkie and Pat
America's top women auto-racing drivers harassed their male opponents once again at Marlboro

22 Moments That Win Races
A British helmsman and an American photographer describe in words and pictures the tactics of cup racing

32 Nothing to Prove, Nothing to Ask
Greasy Neale, big league baseball player, pro football player and coach, is still big league at age 72

40 Year of the Campus Cowboy
From Saint-Tropez to San Diego State, the garb of the American West becomes a favored student sporting look

58 A Girl Named Sinn
Long-distance swimming is harsh, but the female who does it best is easygoing—and easy to look at

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8 Scorecard
40 Sporting Look
44 People
45 Horse Racing
48 Golf
51 Harness Racing
53 Bridge
54 Baseball
67 Baseball's Week
68 For the Record
69 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Richard Meek

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Next week

The pennant race in the American League continues, with the White Sox and Yankees in pursuit of the Orioles. William Leggett describes the battle, its heroes and key plays.

King of the hot rodders Don Garlits has a remarkable income and has broken the sport's 200-mph barrier but is haunted by the memory of a scaring, near-fatal crack up.

The hapless horror of the golfer who sets out for a pleasant round but finds his course has become a monster is exposed in eight pages of drawings by Robert Osborn.