Aug. 31, 1964
Aug. 31, 1964

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Aug. 31, 1964

  • Three weeks ago the Yankees were leading the American League and, as Yogi Berra put it, the Orioles and White Sox would 'have to come and get us.' They did, but good, and pushed New York into third place. Now Baltimore and Chicago are going at it ferociously in their last clashes of the season

Don Garlits
Tense Sailor
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Kid Galahad
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 They Went and Got 'Em
Yogi Berra said the Orioles and While Sox had to "come and get us." In a furious round robin, they did

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20 Tokyo's Spectacular Playground
Only an hour from the city is a huge national park which will rival the Olympics as an attraction this fall

26 Fame and Terror at 200 Mph
As king of the hot rodders, Don Garlits has earned renown and money—but he lives with haunting fear

36 When a Golf Course Turns on You
Satirist Robert Osborn depicts the hapless horror of the golfer who discovers his course has become a monster

46 Tense Skipper for a Taut Ship
Bill Cox of American Eagle has made a 24-hour-a-day commitment to victory and expects no less of his crew

60 Quadrangle Splashes Ahead
By winning strongly in the mud at Saratoga, Quadrangle moved toward the 3-year-old championship

64 The Pride of Kid Galahad, Inc.
He is Heavyweight Jim Beattie, a giant of a boxer, who is being nursed along toward a shot at the title

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79 19th Hole

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