Oct. 12, 1964
Oct. 12, 1964

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Oct. 12, 1964

Yesterday/Graham McNamee
St. Louis
  • It was the week that wasn't—or, anyway, the week that couldn't have been. In the American League the Yankees, dead six weeks earlier, effortlessly contained closing rallies by the White Sox and Orioles to win by the biggest one-game margin in baseball history. In the National League it was stark melodrama. Philadelphia was dying. St. Louis was shot through with rumor. Cincinnati was riven with dissension. The Cardinals choked miserably, then rallied to win their pennant by the smallest one-game margin in baseball history. On Sunday the melodrama finally ended in laughter and champagne, but for six long days the tension had been almost unbearable

Special Brute
New Dynasty
College Football
Motor Sports
Horse Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Barton Silverman
23—Herb Scharfman, Walter Iooss Jr.
27—Herb Scharfman
28—Peter Custer
29—Barton Silverman
30, 31, 38—Lee Balterman
40—Neil Leifer
41, 42—Walter Iooss Jr.
57—A.P.I.S.—Paris, Joseph Consentino
58—Lexington Herald-Leader
66, 67—Dan McKain-Goodyear
68—Tony Triolo
94—A.P., Interclub Junior League, Bill Cunningham

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