Nov. 02, 1964
Nov. 02, 1964

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Nov. 2, 1964

Wake Up
Olympics End
College Football
Golden Door
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20 Wake Up the Echoes!
After a dormant decade, Notre Dame is a football power again, thanks to a new coach and an un-Irish quarterback

This is an article from the Nov. 2, 1964 issue

An Exuberant Finish in Tokyo

24 The Olympics end in an aura of fun and ceremony and with the U.S. in possession of the most gold medals
84 Five pages of charts give the results and the medal winners in every Olympic event

32 Bravura Battle for the Braves
Atlanta is building a stadium for Milwaukee's leant, but the courts may decide where it opens next spring

34 The Prefight Moods of Sonny Liston
Before leaving Denver for his Boston bout with Clay, Sonny trained in some odd places

44 Big Little Green Bay
The football fervor of the pro game's last small town is depicted in color by Artist Robert Weaver

60 Wild Race, Surprise Champion
Stirling Moss tells how John Surtees won the world driving title, and analyzes his climb to the top

68 Girl Behind a Golden Door
With a regimen of exercise, dieting, yoga and herb wraps, a fashionable beauty resort refurbishes a writer

The departments

13 Scorecard
53 People
54 College Football
60 Motor Sports
64 Bridge
83 For the Record
91 19th Hole

Cover photograph by James Drake

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Next week

St. Louis flipped over its baseball Cards; now it applauds the other Cards—the pro football team lighting for the Eastern Conference title. Edwin Shrake tells their story.

A Cooke's tour (Jerry, that is) of the world produces a gallery of brilliant photographs demonstrating that people who go racing are often far more fascinating than the horses.

A beastly place to hunt is Surinam. The army ant, the bushmaster sneki, the clacking pingo all helped convince Jack Olsen that the unwary hunter is himself the hunted.