Nov. 09, 1964
Nov. 09, 1964

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Nov. 9, 1964

Yesterday/Stage Center
The Panic Is On
  • When pro basketball play starts, teams that meet the Boston Celtics fall prey to a strange malady—Russellphobia. The disease is back again this season, and it has helped the champions to a devastating start

Two Flags
Watchers Of The Race
College Football
Beastly Place
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 The Panic Is On Again
Russellphobia, the malady that strikes all pro basketball teams (except the Celtics), sets the tone of the new season

This is an article from the Nov. 9, 1964 issue

20 Two Flags for the Cardinals?
One pennant a year should be enough for any town, but the St. Louis Cardinals are trying for two

24 Ugliest and Best in the World
In a surprise finale at Bonneville, Art Arfons seized the land-speed record with a bargain jet racer

26 The Watchers of the Race
A gallery of memorable photographs proves that the people at a racetrack are as fascinating as the horses

34 Look Out, Mister Roberts!
Quarterback Archie Roberts of Columbia passes, runs, kicks, tackles and takes a beating every Saturday

48 Warren McVea Went Thataway
The first Negro to play football for the University of Houston is a broken-field runner deluxe

62 Beastly Place for a Hunt
As he faces the bushmaster, the pingo and the piranha, a hunter in Surinam suddenly realizes he is the hunted

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15 Scorecard
44 Golf
47 People
48 College Football
54 Boating
58 Bridge
77 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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Next week

How about cassius? Can he do it again? Gilbert Rogin covers the training camps, reports on a big change in the champion and on Liston's chances of winning this time.

The chief justice of the turf is George Schilling, the famous track official, who has seen thousands of races. Ernest Havemann tells how the Judge has survived all kinds of storms.

America is going down the drain, in the opinion of Robert Boyle, who rises in purposeful wrath to lament what spoilers have done to the natural wonders of his country.