22 Still Hurt and Lost
Preparing for his return bout with Clay next week, Liston cannot escape memories of his beating in Miami

28 A Sharp Change in the Game
Aided by college football's new substitution rule, Tulsa Quarterback Jerry Rhome is smashing old records

32 A Mordant Eye on Pro Football
A Sunday football game takes satirical Artist Tomi Ungerer back to the past, through the present and into the future

38 The Judge They Tell It To
George Schilling, chief justice of the turf, has seen more races than any other man and survived a variety of storms

54 A Catalog Cache
City and country people alike find mail-order catalogs a treasury of sporting gifts for Christmas

70 Boat Race in the Desert
The Saltan Sea Marathon is a long boat race to nowhere, but it is also one of the best

78 America down the Drain
Robert Boyle wrathfully indicts those who despoil his country in the name of progress

The departments

13 Scorecard
65 College Football
70 Boating
74 Pro Football
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Herb Scharfman

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Next week

The battle of Boston, Clay-Liston version, looks to be one of the roughest tea parties ever held there. Gilbert Rogin and four photographers will provide exciting coverage.

The ski season begins with a guide to parallel technique by Helmut Falch and an introduction to the In resort—Vail, Colo.—its vibrant people and its extraordinary architecture.

The Kentucky Derby winner in 1965 may run in the rich Garden State this week. Whitney Tower reports the race and assesses the 2-year-olds as they move on to winter training.