Tomi Ungerer Links the Post and the Future with Pro Football

Nov. 16, 1964
Nov. 16, 1964

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Nov. 16, 1964

Still Hurt And Lost
  • His famous glare more tortured than terrifying, Sonny Liston cannot escape anguished memories of his beating by Cassius Clay in Miami. Although he is the betting favorite in his return bout with the champion in Boston next week, Liston will be on the short end of physical and tactical odds

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19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

Tomi Ungerer Links the Post and the Future with Pro Football

To the mordant eye of Satirist Tomi Ungerer a professional football stadium on a fall afternoon has the look of an amphitheater. The game is a circus; the performers are automated, armor-plated robots whose masks suggest rhinoceroses (right). Some seem to be supermen in astronaut gear. The pageantry is reminiscent of the Middle Ages, but the contest belongs to ancient Rome, with the defeated condemned to death by the jeering, merciless citizens.

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Tighten well the nuts and bolts, oil freely the shining armor's clacking joints.

War on the land: clawing hands reach out-to dig and cut like tearing barbs.

The muzzled defenseman growls and waits to be unleashed to storm into the arena.

And war in the sea: like tentacles the tacklers' probing arms envelop and enfold.

The citizens turn thumbs down on No. 45 and all the losers. Thumbs down, that is, until next week.