22 Notre Dame in a Tussle at the Top
The Irish are deservedly college football's No. 1 team, but the proof is only in the polls

28 A Triumph for Nonconformists
The Garden State was won with ease by a Florida horse—and a lady who dislikes racing

30 The $400,000 Bellyache
Cassius Clay's hernia was the most expensive tummy trouble in sports history

35 How the West Has Won
So-called Western clubs have dominated pro football for years. That may be about to change

46 Throw Away that Stem
An expert introduction to the exhilarating techniques of parallel skiing

52 Six Square Miles of Powder
Vail, Colo., a new and notable place to ski, has a superb mountain and a model village

84 Mickey Wright Did No Wrong
The excitable star of the LPGA calms down and shoots a 62, the best round of golf ever played by a woman

90 Winning Ways of a Loser
Pittsburgh's Art Rooney has not been soured by decades of waiting for a championship

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84 Golf
86 Horse Shows
88 Bridge
107 For the Record
108 19th Hole

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