Nov. 30, 1964
Nov. 30, 1964

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Nov. 30, 1964

Yesterday/Football in Japan
Pride At Endsville
The Toe
Silver Anniversary
College Football
Sporting Look
Don Pablo
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


22 A Matter of Pride at Endsville
Golf's two first-string stars turn up at a little second-string tournament to settle a fight for a money title

This is an article from the Nov. 30, 1964 issue

28 Snell's Tortured Mile
New Zealand's triple Olympic champion survived a killing pace to break his own world record

30 The Toe That Lost Its Touch
Paul Hornung suffers agonies from a pinched neck nerve, but the real trouble is in his kicking foot

36 An Era Shaped by War
Silver Anniversary awards go to 25 football players of the class of 1940 who have built distinguished careers

46 A Gigantic Midget Named Karras
The story of the inside pass rushers and the nuances of defensive tackle play in pro football

72 The Sheepskin Wheels to the Front
Bicycle riders—some of them pretty girls—are making the old wool-lined coat a new fashion favorite

80 The Lost Worlds of Don Pablo
Sacrificial Mayan wells and wrecks of ancient ships attract a unique explorer and the men who follow him

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16 Scorecard
54 People
56 Golf
59 Golf
65 College Football
72 Sporting Look
74 Hunting
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

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