Dec. 14, 1964
Dec. 14, 1964

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Dec. 14, 1964

One To Go
Two Swingers
Remember Lucadello
College Football
Motor Sports
Tough Cookie
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16 Half a Game Out and One to Go
The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Cleveland Browns—and they hope the New York Giants can do the same this week

This is an article from the Dec. 14, 1964 issue

20 Boom Went the Anvil Chorus
Michigan's musclemen ran with Duke for a while and then turned on their power to win the week's big game

22 Ships of the Desert
It's nice to have water near your yacht club, but the yachtsmen of Albuquerque prove it's not necessary

24 A Triumph for Two Swingers
Nicklaus and Palmer, unswayed by hula lessons or Hawaii's languor, make a rout of the Canada Cup matches

29 I Remember Lucadello
It is the cocktail party season, and a slob who knows baseball instead of the arts needs a survival strategy

40 An Orange Pick-me-up
Artist Milton Glaser portrays the color of Florida's annual Orange Bowl sports festival

70 He Marches to His Own Drummer
Sometimes the beat is a little off, but Cookie Gilchrist keeps on marching—as to war

The departments

9 Scorecard
49 People
50 Hunting
57 Bridge
58 College Football
62 Golf
64 Sporting Look
68 Motor Sports
83 For the Record
84 Basketball's Week
86 19th Hole

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Next week

Peering into tomorrow, the special holiday issue includes a hard-eyed appraisal of the next decade, far-out sports equipment in color and a far-in-the-future tale of a big game.

Who will it be? The 1964 Sportsman of the Year is an athlete who has reached the high point of his career by means of a singular display of courage and determination.

The last act of the pro football season is a cliffhanger. The Colts and the Chargers arc ready to go. Tex Maule and Edwin Shrake, in the first row, discuss what will happen.