Dec. 21, 1964
Dec. 21, 1964

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Dec. 21, 1964

The Pros
Here Comes Tomorrow
  • Is everybody ready? The far-out and yet-to-be ideas shown on these pages are the stuff Buck Rogers' dreams were made on—yet some are as close as television was 20 years ago. Kids who read Buck then have grown up and are really flying without wings and setting up housekeeping under the sea. The physicists are neck and neck with the fantasists, and by the time today's kindergarten crowd is in college this will be the face of the world around us

Bowl Exposure
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


The Best—East and West

This is an article from the Dec. 21, 1964 issue

22 The Browns, off a big win, will lose to the Colts
26 The Chargers should beat either the Bills or Patriots

28 New Deal at Notre Dame
Coach Johnny Dee is making it much more enjoyable for visiting basketball teams to lose in South Bend

30 Sportsman of the Year
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED confers its award for "pure excellence" on a man whose comeback highlighted the year

The Future of Sport

40 A practical look at what to expect in the next decade
46 The sporting miracles of tomorrow, in color today
84 A chilling glimpse of a game of the far future

60 A Touch and a Tooth of Gold
Professional basketball's Gus Johnson can be the game's next superstar—or its most tragic failure

64 Bowl Exposure is Growing Longer
TV gets deeper into the bowl picture every year. A critique—plus predictions of this year's major winners

78 The Goren Bridge Quiz
The annual test presents problems that may keep fans busy through the holidays

The departments

15 Scorecard
70 People
73 Nature
78 Bridge
82 Basketball's Week
102 For the Record
103 19th Hole

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Next issue

The NFL Championship is scheduled for Cleveland, and Tex Maule will report it. With the AFL site still undetermined, Edwin Shrake has hotel reservations in Buffalo and Boston.

Rough seas lie ahead for the susceptible landlubber who drops in at the boat show. Artist Roy McKie sketches the shoals on which a wallet, at least, may run hard aground.

Sun Valley, with its movie image and its celebrities, has been a publicity success but a financial loser. Bob Ottum introduces two brothers who just bought it and prefer winners.