Jan. 04, 1965
Jan. 04, 1965

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Jan. 4, 1965

Upset Of The Mighty
  • On a blustery day in Cleveland the underdog Browns stunned Baltimore with a second-half outburst to win the NFL title. Key men in the coup were a cerebral quarterback, a big flanker with sticky hands, the great Jimmy Brown and some remarkable—for Cleveland—defenders

Pro Championships
Tubing Thais
Cruising The Aisles
Into The Valley
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


Victory for Browns and Bills

This is an article from the Jan. 4, 1965 issue

8 In the NFL, Frank Ryan outgenerals Johnny Unitas to win a startling championship for Cleveland

14 In the AFL, Jack Kemp gains revenge against the team that discarded him, as Buffalo demolishes San Diego

20 For Boxing: A Year of Decision
The sport may seem dead, but there are stirrings of life that raise hopes for a healthier year in 1965

22 Some Tubes for Thais
A buoyant Princess of Siam makes a royal throne of an old inner tube in the rushing river

26 Cuties and 12 Tall Cougars
Out in the mountains of Utah, Brigham Young boasts the prettiest coeds and a first-rate basketball team

30 Cruising the Aisles
Artist Roy McKie charts the shoals and rapids that may threaten a landlubber at the annual boat show

36 A Little War Can Be Fun
When collectors of toy soldiers get together, history's most famous battles are re-created in miniature

52 Into the Valley of Fun
Ed and Bill Janss, two sports-minded brothers, buy a snow-covered bit of American resort legend, Sun Valley

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5 Scorecard
44 People
46 Basketball
48 Bridge
49 Golf
60 For the Record
61 Basketball's Week
63 19th Hole

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