Jan. 11, 1965
Jan. 11, 1965

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Jan. 11, 1965

Fabulous Namath
Future Champs
The Story Of A Season: Part I
  • After a stumbling start the Baltimore Colts played like a superteam, wrapping up the National Football League's Western Division title four weeks before the championship game with Cleveland. For young Coach Don Shula (opposite, with Quarterback Johnny Unitas) it was a satisfying experience—until the Colts ran into the Browns. Here Shula recalls it all, from the exhibition season through those final 60 minutes of shock and despair

Little John
  • John Mecom Jr. is the man's name, and the big itch is his game. What Mecom itches to do is build the best racing cars in America, and he is daring Detroit to stop him. He also itches to turn his family's Texas ranch into a land-based Noah's Ark, stocked with live specimens of every sort of African wildlife. The U.S. Government is proving a bit sticky about this project, but Mecom (shown here in his trophy-filled command post) is certain that he ultimately will get what he is after

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


4—Richard Schechter
14—Walter Iooss Jr.
16—Flip Schulke-Black Star
21, 23—Russ Halford
25—Neil Leifer
28—Minneapolis Morning Tribune
39—Lee Balterman
40-47—Marvin E. Newman
48—Hortsm√ºller, Romano Pizzigoni
52, 54, 56—Richard Meek
53—Flip Schulke-Black Star

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