Jan. 18, 1965
Jan. 18, 1965

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Jan. 18, 1965

Uproar In Philadelphia
Rabbits And Kings
The Story Of A Season: Part II
Track & Field
Baja California Sur
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 The Uproar in Philadelphia
The Big Five basketball teams have their private, intracity war in the Palestra every season

This is an article from the Jan. 18, 1965 issue

24 Was This Their Freedom Ride?
San Diego's Ron Mix tells the story behind the transfer of the AFL All-Star game from New Orleans to Houston

26 Rabbits Chase Kings
The 1965 professional golf tour begins in Los Angeles, with 200 rabbits pursuing the stars

Baja California Sur

34 The newest fashions in beach wear, photographed in color on the beautiful shores of Lower California
56 A look at a little-known resort that is full of fascination and fun. By Jack Olsen

42 Road to the Western Title
Coach Don Shula of the Baltimore Colts recalls last season and pinpoints the key plays. Second of two parts

50 A Bad Penny Shines Again
After 16 tumultuous years Terrible Ted Lindsay left hockey and went respectable. Now he's back, bad as ever

The departments

9 Scorecard
34 Sporting Look
49 People
50 Hockey
52 Track & Field
55 Bridge
70 For the Record
71 Basketball's Week
73 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Jay Maisel

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Next week

Hockey's scoring record won't just be broken. It will be smashed to bits if the Black Hawks' Bobby Hull keeps up his present shooting streak. Bill Leggett looks at the breakaway.

The Grandest Resort of winter, St. Moritz, is entering its second century—old enough to be satirized deftly by André Fran√ßois but also full of new delights for travelers.

Sports-happy workers tend to be happy in their jobs, too. Bil Gilbert tells how U.S. industrial giants please employees with golf courses, bowling leagues and checkers trophies.