12 Smashing Hurrah for the Lakers
Jerry West is having his greatest year, and pro basketball has struck gold in Los Angeles

18 Crisis in the Garden
With their careers at stake, Floyd Patterson and George Chuvalo packed the house for the year's first big fight

20 America's Prize Stays French
The best trotter in France won the world's toughest harness race, after some changes in the rules

22 The Point About a Champion
With the National Field Trial Championship at hand, Hanson Carroll's camera shows what a top dog must do

28 There Is a Doctor on the Ice
Tenley Albright still skates sometimes, but she is a surgeon now, a mother and the wife of a wrestling scholar

38 A Joint for Next Season
It is Joe Namath's bad knee. In exclusive pictures and text: the operation, the recovery and chances for success

54 Paradise of the Record Maniac
The inability of an English lord to shoot a golden plover resulted in a unique literary bestseller

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47 Golf
48 Track & Field
50 Skiing
64 For the Record
65 Basketball's Week
67 19th Hole

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