Feb. 22, 1965
Feb. 22, 1965

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Feb. 22, 1965

Daytona 500
Flat-Out Snell
Badge Of Champions
Mato Grosso
19 Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Brutes, Brawls and Boosters
A huge crowd went to the Daytona 500 for raw, high-speed stock car racing, and got it in gaudy quantities

This is an article from the Feb. 22, 1965 issue

18 Flat Out to Thrash the Bloke
New Zealand's Peter Snell, in Los Angeles for his last indoor race, burst to the front to beat Bill Crothers

22 Bold Is the Badge of Champions
Bold Ruler has become champion sire in the U.S. and his owner rules the No. 1 racing empire

32 Part II: The Best 18
The second nine of our dream golf course ranges from coast to coast and demands seven shots over water

44 A Show for Center Court
Half time at basketball games is now the occasion for colorful performances by talented coeds

52 The Lobos Stand Fast
New Mexico showed why it has the best basketball defense in the country by beating Utah and BYU

64 A Meeting in the Mato Grosso
The long hunt in the jungles of Brazil was dangerous and wearying, but the result was well worth waiting for

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8 Scorecard
50 People
52 Basketball
60 Bridge
74 For the Record
77 Basketball's Week
79 19th Hole

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