March 29, 1965
March 29, 1965

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March 29, 1965

Power Of The Press
Denver Football
  • Denver rebuffed its eighth-rate pro football team until other cities started romancing it. Two community-minded brothers saved it at the last hour, and now the city is a mile high over those Broncos

  • Skipping like masters a', Wisconsin's national champion curlers invaded Scotland last week, switched tactics in mid-ice, beat the mighty Canadians and swept off with the world title on their first try

Horse Shows
Jai Alai
Basketball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


20, 21—Neil Leifer
22—Rich Clarkson
23—diagrams by William Bernstein
24—Rich Clarkson
25—top left, Neil Leifer, Rich Clarkson (2)
26, 27—Orin Sealy
28—Michael Burns
30, 37—Herb Scharfman
38-40—Pete Turner from Henrietta Brackman
50-59—Harry Groom
60—London Daily Express-Pictorial, AP
62, 63—Shel Hershorn
66—Ken Regan
67—Richard Meek
68-75—Lynn Pelham from Rapho-Guillumette
85—top center, William H. Tague
86—Eric Schweikardt

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