April 12, 1965
April 12, 1965

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April 12, 1965

The Backstretch
A Long Trip
Houston Stadium
Private Game
Abebe Bikila
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


24 Svengali Returns!
Cus D'Amato, in the boxing spotlight after José Torres' battering of Willie Pastrano, speaks out strong and clear

This is an article from the April 12, 1965 issue

30 A Long Trip in a Short Race
Bold Lad came all the way back to his role of Derby favorite in a sprint against older horses

32 My Life in a Bush League
Wilt Chamberlain tells why he is fed up with the sport that made him rich. First of two parts

44 Giltfinger's Golden Dome
Houston's spectacular domed stadium opens this week, the gaudiest and grandest sports arena ever built

64 Private Game: No Admittance!
With the SRO sign out front, big league hockey is not interested in becoming bigger

72 Many-layered Golf
This season golfers, pros and amateurs alike, make the turtleneck the basis for a new way of dressing

86 No. 2 Lion in the Land of Sheba
In Ethiopia, Abebe Bikila, Emperor's officer and Olympic marathoner, is a charming host and national idol

The departments

17 Scorecard
72 Sporting Look
78 People
79 Bridge
80 Baseball
105 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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