24 Roses for the Shoe
Willie Shoemaker's wife wore roses to the Kentucky Derby, and Willie won some more with Lucky Debonair

30 Deadly Slide for the Dodgers
Tommy Davis broke his ankle and shattered Los Angeles chances for the pennant

32 A Hard Toe Right to the Jaw
Montreal's Toe Blake is a hockey coach who doesn't pull punches. That's why he won the Stanley Cup

34 This Is the Way the Girls Go
Two teen-agers not only outrun their boy friends; they set records and manage to look cute and feminine, too

48 When Your Eye Is off the Pitcher
Spectacular color photographs reveal the extraordinary gyrations of a pitcher's body after he throws the ball

54 Tennis on the Coconut Beat
In exchange for a few hours on the court, players on the Caribbean tour lead a life of sun, swimming and parties

76 The Once Forbidding Land
L.B.J. country—the Hill Country—is an integral part of the state of Texas, and yet it is an entity in itself

The departments

16 Scorecard
62 People
65 Rugby
72 Bridge
74 Golf
95 Baseball's Week
96 For the Record
97 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Don Ornitz

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