How does a winning Kentucky Derby jockey relax before the big ride? Why, he shoots a little pool with the rest of the boys in the jockeys' room. Boxed in behind the eight-ball here (below), Willie Shoemaker tried a long shot, got lucky and brought it home.

Lana Turner isn't one of those phonies who builds a big pool within spitting distance of the ocean just for show. No sir, not Lana. "I know there's a big ocean out there," said Miss Turner, after building a large pool at her Malibu Beach home. "In fact, it's too big. Twice I've been pulled under. I got myself a pool because I like swimming, not sinking."

Charles Lindbergh, Lone Eagle of the Atlantic, has been named a governor of the World Wildlife Fund. That group is dedicated to preserving and multiplying species now threatened with extinction—including eagles.

Foot-weary tourists tramping trails in the hard marble corridors of the Senate Office Building sometimes are startled by a young man in a neat brown suit who comes hurtling past like an Olympic dashman. It is Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin, who never rides when he can walk and never walks when he can run. "Actually, I'm pretty careful about the corridor," he says. "People resent seeing someone running too obviously here." When he is not on public display, Proxmire's athletic program is more strenuous yet. He gets up at 6 a.m., does 215 push-ups and a mélange of stomach, back, arm and neck exercises. Then, after breakfast, he runs either one and a half or two miles on his way to work, "depending on whether or not I miss the bus."

When Ted Williams' plane crash-landed and caught fire in Korea in 1953, Coy D. Hammers was one of two members of a rescue squad that pulled Williams out of the burning jet. Now Coy Hammers is serving a five-year term in Springfield, Mo. for burglary and Williams has offered to help facilitate his parole. Mickey Owen, sheriff of Greene County and a Boston Red Sox teammate in 1954, confirms that Williams is trying to find a job for Hammers.

Anna Maria Alberghetti, currently displaying her talents in Reno, progressed from Harold's Club to Heavenly Valley and partway back. Skiing at the Lake Tahoe resort, Anna Maria got down the first slope adequately enough, but on the second, a mild-mannered incline, she suffered lacerations and abrasions. Rushed back to Washoe Medical Center for emergency treatment, Miss Alberghetti was operated upon for a skinned knee. Then, in true showbiz tradition and against her doctor's strict orders, she went on with her two scheduled shows.

If you're going to invite guests like the Netherlands' Prince Bernhard and Greece's King Constantine over for a shoot, you have to have something for them to shoot at. There are plenty of deer and pheasant on Spetsopoula, Greek Shipping Magnate Stavros Niarchos' private island some 60 miles south of Athens. But up to now there haven't been nearly enough partridge. To prepare for the hunting season, Niarchos recently had 30 cartons of live partridge, male and female, sent over from Rome.

Lady Bird Johnson, who has no difficulty remembering when she wore a size 14, now fits comfortably into a size 10, thanks to her new physical-fitness program. Twice a week she visits the White House Birdbath and churns 20 laps up and down the pool with a determined sidestroke. The First Lady sometimes even conducts business at the same time. "I'd hoped to talk to her from poolside," recalls her secretary, Liz Carpenter. "First thing you know I'm in my bathing suit, into the water and swimming along beside her. I had to talk to her between gasps."

"Insurance has a bigger future from a financial and stability standpoint," said Tom Heinsohn, announcing his departure from the Boston Celtics to become an insurance agent. But the Celt corner man left disconsolate fans a glimmer of hope: he wouldn't make his decision final until the fall. "I really would like to play next season," Heinsohn admitted, "but insurance is first."

Nobody argues much with Alabama Legislator Thomas Drake, who currently presides as House Whip. By no coincidence, Tom Drake's physiognomy is more bull than bullwhip. Drake was a 57½-minutes-per-game guard at Chattanooga University and Southeastern Conference wrestling champion for three consecutive years. Now, as one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the South, Drake gives his colleagues in the House a breather two or three times a week when he takes time out to hammerlock bad guys in the wrestling ring.

There are lots worse ways to train. Floyd Patterson (below), preparing for the next fight on his comeback path, piloted a soccer ball downfield, hotly pursued by a pack of Swedish schoolboys. It may seem like an easy way to train but, after all, just how much conditioning do you need to pickle a boxer named Tod Herring?


Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)