May 17, 1965
May 17, 1965

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May 17, 1965

Big Fight
New Twins
Carroll Shelby
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


The Big Fight

This is an article from the May 17, 1965 issue

22 Forced out of Boston, the Clay-Liston bout moved to Lewiston, Me. (pop. 41,000), small but no sucker town

24 Earlier, driving north from Miami, Champion Cassius Clay was refused a meal during one memorable bus stop

28 Wising Up to a Down Game
Californians come off the beaches to take the national volleyball championship with a tougher, slam-bang style

30 A New Trend in Twins
The Yankees are slumping, the White Sox are doing fine, but Minnesota is the real surprise in the American League

36 Mr. Cobra
Carroll Shelby has penetrated the exclusive world of auto manufacturing with a fangs-out sports car

50 Misty Haven for Sportsmen
Scotland offers some of the world's best golf courses, hunting moors and salmon streams—and pony trekking

70 Double Loss at Homewood
As Johns Hopkins was beaten in lacrosse by Navy, there were signs a tradition was dying, too

87 Low Comedy and High Intrigue
In Part 1 of The Hustler's Handbook, Bill Veeck gives his account of Keane's resignation and Berra's firing

The departments

16 Scorecard
68 People
70 Lacrosse
76 Golf
82 Horse Racing
85 Bridge
113 Baseball's Week
114 For the Record
115 19th Hole

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Next week

Can the Bee Sting The Bear again? Tex Maule previews the Clay-Liston fight, while Gilbert Rogin reviews the life and winning ways of Angelo Dundee, Clay's manager and ex-trainer.

The battle at Indy for the pole is the biggest U.S. auto racing event outside the 500 itself. Among 200,000 spectators at the Brickyard will be Bob Ottum to report on the struggle.

Yachting's sweet life on the Riviera is sketched by Artist Douglas Gorsline and described by Carleton Mitchell, turned—shh!—unashamed stinkpotter for the occasion.