May 31, 1965
May 31, 1965

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May 31, 1965

New NFL (?)
Field Hockey
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


24 A New National Football League (?)
Here is a logical lineup for pro football after the merger or alliance that now seems inevitable

This is an article from the May 31, 1965 issue

28 The Sad Case of the Neglected Tiger
Nigeria's Dick Tiger won his battle with Rubin Carter but feels as far away as ever front a middleweight title fight

30 The Big Screen Is Watching
The Houston Astros have a 10th man in their flamboyant scoreboard, which leads cheers and boos umpires

32 No Sport for Gentlemen
A month of crackups and other distress underscored an adage of the Indianapolis Speedway

42 Hiking Away to the Woods
Backpacking is a sport for the entire family and new lightweight equipment makes it even more enjoyable

50 For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
Horace Stoneham may act like a lost lamb, says Bill Veeck, but he is really one of baseball's canniest operators

76 Goodby, Kangaroos
Unless fast action is taken to limit the slaughter, Australians may wave farewell to their living national symbol

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16 Scorecard
65 People
66 Track
68 Field Hockey
72 Bridge
74 Golf
97 Baseball's Week
98 For the Record
99 19th Hole

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New and pleasing power is the hallmark of the 1965 Chicago White Sox, who used to rely on pitching and speed. Now, with big hitting, they are this year's team to beat.

The big fight, Clay vs. Liston, photographed in full color; Tex Maule tells the story behind the fight and what to expect in the near future from the nation's top heavyweights.

Sinking is the buoyant business of Nassau scuba instructors Gardner and Doris Young. They guide Gilbert Rogin to the wonders below the surface, and to rum and ballads above.