June 14, 1965
June 14, 1965

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June 14, 1965

Yesterday\Frank Lockhart
Design For Sport
  • The hexagonal bubble tent at left pulls smoothly out on a telescopic track inside the eight-foot tube atop the station wagon. It unfolds and zips into place in 1½ minutes and needs no stakes. The striped gazebo at right is equally self-sufficient: the curved fabric roof under stress needs no center pole or ropes.

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


26 The Negro Athlete Is Invited Home
Southern schools step up their recruiting of Negroes as the SEC voids its gentleman's agreement

This is an article from the June 14, 1965 issue

28 Hail to Zelda! Hail to Ben!
And Hail to All, a colt that brought three frustrating months to an end by winning a rousing Belmont

U.S. Open Preview

30 Long-hitting Jack Nicklaus assesses the long Open course
34 Color photos show how a tranquil tournament explodes
41 The USGA's Joe Dey makes the grass grow tall

48 Secrets of a Master Showman
In his concluding installment, Bill Veeck recommends promotional gimmicks to entertain fans

68 The New Two-minute Tents
The old ridgepole will soon be just a memory, thanks to camping gear that literally springs to attention

86 72 Hours of Terror
Vacationers who set off on a simple one-day climb are trapped on the storm-battered face of a Wyoming mountain

The departments

17 Scorecard
66 People
68 Design for Sport
70 Baseball
74 Bridge
79 Track
83 Harness Racing
107 Baseball's Week
108 For the Record
109 19th Hole

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Next week

Showdown in Toronto pits the world's best middle and distance runners in the next act of track's traveling circus. John Underwood reports on the important races.

Four miles of speed have put Road America in Wisconsin at the top in U.S. sports car racing and have uncovered weekend warriors in office, shop and salesroom. A color essay.

The friendship sloop is more like passion to sailormen who lose their hearts to the old lobster boats of Friendship, Me. A noted newsman tells of his affair with one of them.