July 05, 1965
July 05, 1965

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July 5, 1965

Fast Teen-Agers
Mission For L.B.J.
How To Serve
  • By Bill Talbert

    If you have the ability to throw a ball and the patience to practice, you can learn how to hit the most important stroke in tennis. Learn to hit it well and you are going to be hard to beat

Ranking Family
Hardest-Hitting Snead
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 Fast Teen-agers in Grown-up Time
Jim Ryun upset the great Peter Snell at San Diego and Gerry Lindgren rushes Billy Mills to a world record

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16 High-priced Bash in Buffalo
The richest crop of rookies in years had the pro scouts gawking as the 1965 football season got underway in June

18 A Speedy Son Carries On
Death claimed pacing's greatest sire, Adios, but a crack 2-year-old began his career in his daddy's tradition

24 Report on a Mission for L.B.J.
In another of his ingenuous letters to a Harvard classmate Bayard Ashcroft relates some further misadventures

A Tennis Special

32 A color portfolio showing grass-court action
40 How to serve and win—an instructional by Bill Talbert
47 A look at the Richeys, to whom the game is everything

54 Black Cats Chase the Redbirds
The luck that helped the St. Louis Cardinals to the pennant last year has turned mean and sour

58 The Hardest-hitting Snead
That's Homer, the autocrat of the driving range, who rarely conceals his provocative opinions about golf

The departments

11 Scorecard
52 People
54 Baseball
69 Baseball's Week
70 For the Record
72 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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Maury Wills, base stealer, banjo player and raconteur, is a key figure in the Dodgers' surprising revival this year. William Leggett reports on an exciting and appealing baseball player.

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