July 12, 1965
July 12, 1965

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July 12, 1965

Off To Russia
Women's Golf
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 The Mayor Surrenders
Besieged by both pro football leagues, Atlanta's Ivan Allen gives in to the NFL

This is an article from the July 12, 1965 issue

18 A Sinking Feeling
Vesper settled its feud with Harvard, but Ratzeburg was top boat at the Henley Regatta

Follow the Girls

20 In Columbus 22 track stars win a trip to Russia
22 A young lady named Mann takes the Open
24 Mickey Wright, who wasn't there, talks retirement

30 Big Week at Cowes
Gerry Cranham aims his color camera at Cowes Week as Carleton Mitchell remembers its delights

38 Mouse Who Builds Mountains
Little Maury Wills leads the Los Angeles Dodgers' surprising bid for the National League pennant

48 New Hope for Venturi's Hands
Recovering from an operation at the Mayo Clinic, Ken may be swinging a club again in a month or so

54 Killer in a Net
Off British Columbia a killer whale happily gulps free salmon and awaits a ride down to Seattle

62 To Parajiso with Papa
Mary Hemingway recalls some of her best fishing days with Ernest near a little island in the Caribbean

The departments

10 Scorecard
47 People
48 Medicine
52 Gymnastics
54 Nature
73 Baseball's Week
74 For the Record
75 19th Hole

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Next week

The pennant race in the American League is a confusing tangle of surprising teams. Jack Mann reports on some of the new players and sizes up the situation at midseason.

A broadbill swordfish is the toughest big game trophy to take on rod and reel. A painter's view of the sword-rattling involved in a broadbill tournament held off Montauk.

Show biz is taking a subway ride this fall from Broadway to Shea Stadium, and Sonny Werblin is driving the train. Two rookies—Joe Namath and John Huarte—toot the whistle.