Unannounced, Vice-President Hubert Horatio Humphrey dropped into Loring Air Force Base at Limestone, Me. while returning from a mission Cloaked in Secrecy. Then came the leak: the Vice-President had been fishing. Angling for trout on the Kedgwick River in northern New Brunswick, Humphrey and New Brunswick Premier Louis Robichaud had been the guests of Industrialist K.C. Irving. The Veep's catch remained classified, but a Source Highly Placed in New Brunswick Governmental Circles (confidentially, the Premier's son) provided a hint. "Mr. Humphrey," he said, "is a real good sport."

While in London to defend her Wimbledon singles title, Maria Bueno took time off for tenpin bowling lessons (below). She should have stuck to tennis. A couple of afternoons later, Maria played Australia's Margaret Smith in the finals and lost.

When Ermal Allen, then assistant football coach at the University of Kentucky, learned three years ago that he was to become a grandfather, he got a letter of intent ready and kept his pen poised for his heir. Alas, Kentucky's football prospect turned out to be a girl. But Allen, by now a coach for the Dallas Cowboys, was ready again when longtime friends David and Pat Hammonds recently became parents of their first child. Todd Hammonds was scarcely home from the hospital before he had a Cowboy contract guaranteeing $10,000 a year for 21 years. "Unfortunately," Mrs. Hammonds pointed out, "it expires just about the time he becomes eligible." Like any sensible bonus baby, Todd consulted a lawyer—in this case his grandfather, E.C. Hammonds. Lawyer Hammonds admitted to the press, however, that he was having trouble getting his client to talk reasonably about salary. "All I ever get is a lot of arm and leg waving," he complained.

Katharine Hepburn, one of Hollywood's most proficient tennis players, participates daily in early-morning practice at the Beverly Hills Hotel courts. Then, tennis over, she jumps into the pool for a vigorous swim. So athletic is Miss Hepburn, in fact, that she left the hotel the other day still insufficiently exercised. She spied, fortuitously, a passel of teen-agers slaloming down the sidewalk on skateboards. If you could have sworn on a stack of Bibles that you saw Katharine Hepburn on a skateboard the other day, you wouldn't be in danger of perjuring yourself.

You know how it is. Some outfielder with Wood's Body Shop written across the back of his shirt makes a lucky catch in the Albuquerque semipro league and people start telling him he looks like DiMaggio. Well, in this case, they are right. "I'm Vince," the complimented auto salesman smiled. "But don't tell anybody, please. No publicity. I'm just playing baseball for fun now." And then Vince DiMaggio, now 52, trotted back to left field and made another lucky catch.

Sequel: Massive Earlene Brown, Olympic shotputter and new roller derby luminary (PEOPLE, June 28) collided with two female competitors and broke her leg.

Nobody can say Representative Robert Michel, Republican of Illinois, doesn't have a polished delivery. Michel hurled a one-hitter as Republicans bunched their hits to defeat the Democrats, 3-1, in the annual Congressional baseball game. Democratic base runner Robert Duncan (Ore.), on the other hand, would rather polish his spikes. Rep. Glenn Davis, Republican second baseman from Wisconsin, suffered a four-inch gash on his forehead when Duncan stormed into second.

"I had heard that when you go down the third time you're dead. Well, I must have drowned at least a hundred times and I'm still alive," said Stanley Dancer, also still scared after his experience at a lake near his cottage in the Poconos. Harness racing's famous driver-trainer had been fishing with driver Del Cameron. When he suddenly got a bite Dancer, who had never hooked a fish before, panicked. Splash! Instead of Dancer landing the fish, the fish more or less landed Dancer. "I couldn't swim a lick and I still can't," said Stanley after he had been hauled to safety. "But I finally caught a fish. That thing was still on the line, and I reeled it in."

That segment of the populace that has nothing better to do with its time than gawk at what press agents are pleased to call celebrities got caught with its gawks down. There was this young woman in white tennis shorts sitting by herself in front of a gas station right on Route 25A, totally unnoticed. After playing tennis with her friends Jacqueline Kennedy had asked to be dropped off at the nearest telephone to call a Secret Service man to drive her home. She made the call, then just watched the Long Island traffic go by. Reverse gawking, so to speak.

The horses at Aqueduct got a break during the Fourth of July weekend. Trumpeter Al (He's the King) Hirt (below), dethroned the regular bugler, and sounded the call to the post for the sixth race.


Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)