12 Five-way Fight for the Pennant
Minnesota is ahead, but for the first time in 17 years, this Yankeeless league is anticipating a free-for-all season

16 Man from Down Under
Willow scrub, well covers and wind confounded America's dashing pros, and a cautious Aussie won the British Open

18 Rubber Race at Ratzeburg
The Olympic champions met the European champions for the third time to find out who is really No. 1

20 Care to Play Some VASSS?
At Newport the touring tennis pros try a new scoring system, one that includes earning $5 for every point played

30 A Search for the Big Swords
A color portfolio of the scene at Montauk on Long Island, where the tournament fishermen are having a big year

36 A Man and a Mule in Missouri
Charles O. Finley of Kansas City has the Bill Veeck approach to baseball—which scares his fellow owners

50 Sweaters for Sundowners
Handsome new knits offset the evening chill on the water—or in summer's air-conditioned clubhouses

66 Show-biz Sonny and His Stars
This fall Sonny Werblin opens a new play in Shea Stadium. Joe Namath and John Huarte are competing for the lead

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7 Scorecard
50 Sporting Look
54 People
56 Golf
59 Bridge
60 Harness Racing
77 Baseball's Week
78 For the Record
79 19th Hole

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