July 26, 1965
July 26, 1965

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July 26, 1965

Beat America
Horse Racing
Jouncy Journey


12 O.K., Everybody: Beat America!
Not so long ago victory was as American as apple pie, but these days we just get the pie in the eye

This is an article from the July 26, 1965 issue

18 Yoo-hoo to Namu the Whale
The city of Seattle hysterically awaits the arrival of its new pet—a four-ton killer whale

24 Ron Runs the World Ragged
In the past two months Australia's Ron Clarke has set four long-distance marks and confounded the theorists

26 The Joys of Trouble
Arnold Palmer, famed for his shots from woods and weeds, begins a series on the tricky art of escaping disaster

40 High Winds and Muddy Feet
It was a wet week on Block Island as U.S. sailors staged their first imitation Cowes regatta

43 This Native Never Left Home
Winner of the Hollywood Gold Cup, California's Native Diver is now a strong challenger in the handicap division

50 Jouncy Journey in a New Park
A tenderfoot from Manhattan explores the wonders of Utah's rugged Canyonlands playground

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6 Scorecard
40 Boating
43 Horse Racing
45 Baseball
60 Baseball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole

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Next week

Powerboating is a sport that attracts millions of Americans. In a 21-page package Hugh Whall writes about the world's finest and most expensive sport-fishing craft and the family that builds them; Bob Ottum tells the story of Jim Wynne, inventor, bon vivant and hairiest ocean racer of all; and Jack Olsen reports that he found a zany kind of happiness cruising in the San Juan archipelago with his three kids.

Arnold Palmer tells how to hit out of water, gives a hint for keeping a safety shot safe and shows a sure escape from sand in the second installment of his trouble-shot series.