10 A Pitch for Posterity
If he can avoid injury—a big if—Sandy Koufax has a chance to win 30 games and set a new strikeout record

14 A Final Blaze of Non-success
The once invincible Peter Snell of New Zealand, unable to recapture his Olympic form, retires on a wave of defeats

16 Rise of a Star Named Pia
Everyone came to cheer Kelso in his comeback, but Pia Star ran off with the Brooklyn Handicap

18 Slow Search for Another Frick
Baseball's owners screen the candidates for commissioner, looking for someone of stature whom they can boss

The Surge in Powerboating

22 A look at the most luxurious sport-fishermen afloat
28 An explanation of boating's basic traffic rules
30 The story of a hairy racer and his hairier boats
50 A father and three happy kids cruise Puget Sound

36 You Hit It In
In Part 2 of his series on trouble shots, Arnold Palmer explains a splashy shot, a safe one and a tree-stumper

48 New Shape to Come
The sporty lines of riding jackets are putting the Ivy League sack coat out to pasture

The departments

7 Scorecard
44 People
46 Track & Field
48 Sporting Look
61 Baseball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole

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Latin baseball players, to the delight of their countrymen, are swarming over the majors. Robert H. Boyle reports on their individuality and absolute passion for beisbol.

Arnold Palmer concludes his series on trouble shots by showing how to hit the ball over trees, out of marshland, up from divot marks and away from a strange green dilemma.

The butterfly is what they call John Mort Green as he flits about England's racetracks outwitting the bookies and the other bettors and cashing in on his knowledge of "hot" horses.